Product decoration is becoming increasingly important in today’s markets. In order to be able to optimally position your products at POS, we offer decoration for all our products using screen and offset printing. In addition, with all container sizes from 2.5 litres to 21.5 litres, there is the option to fit them with an IML film. All decorative processes and the print colours used are subject to strict controls and are suitable for packaging in contact with food.

Screen printing

Using our screen printing facilities, we create printed motifs with up to 2 colours. We produce both orders of small lot sizes and long-term orders in this way. By investing in a new CNC-controlled system in 20215, we are able to significantly increase efficiency even further.

Offset printing

For all container sizes and printed motifs of up to 4 colours, we offer an offset print. Due to having slightly higher printer costs than screen printing, offset printing is mainly a suitable printing process for medium-sized and large lot sizes. Through constant investment in the facilities, we ensure a consistently high standard of printing quality.

In-mould labelling

In contrast to screen and offset printing, no further production steps are necessary when decorating using an IML film. The films for this are already printed when they’re delivered and inserted directly into the injection moulding tool by a robot. This is a very high-quality process, which can easily print even high-resolution motifs. The machine then fuses the film with the injection-moulded item to create the finished end product. By constantly investing in this process, we are now able to offer this for all products with a volume of 2.5 to 21.5 litres. In the past, the IML process was mainly recommended for high quantities. However, constant optimisation and close cooperation with our film suppliers has meant we are now in a position to offer interesting conditions for smaller lot sizes too.