Our quality promise

Your product well packaged all around

As a company, we are aware that our biggest responsibility lies with our customers. As a result, the term quality doesn’t just stand for impeccable products, but also smooth company processes. It is very important to us that all our processes are controlled, tested and improved, in order to achieve the best possible result for us and our customers. Quality assurance plays a crucial role for us. Our products are regularly checked and verified according to the specifications throughout the entire production process. In order to retain customer loyalty in the long term, our goal is to be continuously developing. With our annual certification according to DIN En ISO 9001:2008, we subject ourselves to testing in order to ensure consistently high quality results and increase the satisfaction of customers and employees. Each individual employee is involved in this through their responsibility for quality and has a share of the company’s success.


As we have specialised in packaging solutions for the food and non-food industry, strictly complying with hygienic regulations is a given for us. These include the general hygiene requirements and the operational measures, provisions and tests required by the German Food Hygiene Ordinance (Lebensmittelhygieneverordnung LMHV).
In order to monitor our hygiene management, company inspections or “hygiene audits”, modelled after the HACCP concept, have been introduced along with measures for constant improvement. Our employees are regularly trained and involved when it comes to compliance with hygiene regulations.


The careful use of resources and the sustainable and efficient use of energy have always been particularly important to us. In order to document our commitment and constant development in these areas, our energy management are certified according to ISO50001:2011.