We currently produce products from 480ml to a volume of 21.5 litres with our modern equipped injection-moulding machine park. Approx. 15 years ago, we chose to focus on the production of containers for the food processing industry. By moving into our new production halls at the start of 2015, we’ve taken a further step in this direction. Our processes and systems have been further optimised in this context to meet the latest standards in terms of hygiene and avoiding foreign bodies. In order to implement aspects such as food safety, lots of time has been invested in the planning and implementation of the construction plan. This has laid the foundation for other planned certifications. Furthermore, we have got the resources required to expand our production facilities in the near future by adding facilities we’ve already planned.

Flexibility, short delivery times and reliability are what our company are characterised by. For example, almost all of our products can either be fitted with a plastic band, metal bracket or structured plastic bracket in any colour. The production processes for this are mainly automated. Between 250 and 550 tonnes are continuously produced over the entire year in the 3-layer system currently on 24 facilities. By using ultra-modern systems, the products are constantly subject to quality testing throughout the process. By having an internal system for production planning, we try to plan the requirements before the order is received and stock up accordingly. Because of this, we can offer very short delivery times from when the order is received to its shipment. Packaged according to the customer’s wishes, our products then leave our production.